About Balnc

Mission and Vision

A mission to connect the world with Human-Machine interaction.
Balnc aims to develop AI technologies that advance humanity, security and environmental safety for a better tomorrow.

About Balnc

Balnc is an Indian startup founded in 2018 that aims in developing innovative AI technologies that positively contribute to humanity, security and environmental safety for a better tomorrow.

Launched in 2019, the Adaptive Behavior Technology unveiled Balnc’s capability in developing cutting-edge Computer Vision technology. From there, Balnc designed the world’s first ever Computer Vision engine that runs purely on edge devices with zero interference from remote inferencing.
With our roots in the academic world, we invest in fundamental research to further our understanding and advance the state of art in AI technology. We are a team of talented individuals with over half dedicated to research and development activities. This will help us became a leading global AI algorithm provider and one of the most prolific contributors of related papers in the research community.
To achieve our goal of having the best quality product for customers and partners around the world, Balnc is taking a proactive approach to making production employees to participate in a multi-day training program before ever setting foot on the product development floor.
And this is just the beginning. With Balnc building products across the industries, Balnc continues to make products accessible and affordable to more and more people, ultimately accelerating the advent of advancing humanity, security and environmental safety – that’s the future we want.

The Adaptive Behavior algorithm we developed with deep learning and computer vision technologies are already powering industries spanning across healthcare, security and smart cities. Today, our technologies are trusted by customers and partners around the world to help address real world challenges. Going forward, we strive to empower more industries with our AI platform and build a stronger AI ecosystem together with industry and academia.

We have offices in Thiruvananthapuram and Hyderabad and serves customers and partners across mainland India, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Leadership Team

Abhiragh - Founder, CEO

Sreeragh Sadasivan - Chief Operations Officer


July, 2018 - Balnc Care was incorporated.

December, 2019 - The proprietary Adaptive Behaviour algorithm received an accuracy of 98.21% leaping ahead of human eyes in accuracy.

January, 2020 - Launched an AI based application "Make" to improve physiological needs of ahtletes in different sports.

June, 2020 - Launched a deep learning application "Eye" to support real-time analysis of video streams, for mainland security.